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Book Blasts Top 10 Reads for Independent Minds XV

  BookBlast’s Top 10 Reads for Independent Minds to end the year offers a smorgasbord of brain food, bringing you a medley of writing and ideas by way of France, Germany, Mexico, Romania and true-grit […]

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Spotlight Launch of the Choix Goncourt UK

The arrival of the Choix Goncourt in the UK was announced by Marina Warner, President of the Royal Society of Literature: “When the date of this event was set, nobody knew that a crucial election […]

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Spotlight Lucy Popescu at European Literature Days

European Literature Days, one of my favourite literary festivals, was held this year in Krems, lower Austria, and posed the question “What defines a good life?” Austrian heavyweight, Robert Menasse (whose satirical novel, The Capital, […]

The 2019 Warwick Prize for Women in Translation bookblast diary
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Spotlight The Warwick Prize for Women in Translation

Translation is no longer marginalised as it once was, with its advocates being viewed as quirky oddballs lacking commercial sense and sensibility. The number of independent presses publishing translated literature in the UK has greatly […]

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Review Lucy Popescu rounds up 3 novels by Slovak authors

Lucy Popescu gives BookBlast an exclusive flavour of what’s on offer in her three-novel roundup by Slovak authors by Slovak authors featured as part of the Raising the Velvet Curtain festival of literature. Balla, Uršuľa […]


Interview Ivana Dobrakovová, author

Ivana Dobrakovová, where were you born, and where did you grow up? I was born in Czechoslovakia, in Bratislava, and I grew up there as well, in a very nice residential district above the castle. […]

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Book Blasts Top 5 Reads from Central Eastern Europe

BookBlast’s Top 5 Reads for Independent Minds from Central Eastern Europe flags up contemporary literature in translation from Central & Eastern Europe which carries a stark warning against the consequences of ignorance and organised forgetting […]


Leila Sackur interviews John Robert Lee (ed) Saint Lucian Writers and Writing

Leila Sackur interviews John Robert Lee editor of Saint Lucian Writers and Writing, an indispensable author index of poetry, prose and drama. John Robert Lee, tell us a little bit about yourself. I am Saint […]

Podgorica International Book Fair 2019 bookblast diary
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Spotlight Susan Curtis Istros Books, Podgorica International Book Fair

Susan Curtis recently visited Montenegro to attend The Podgorica International Book Fair, 1-5 October, 2019, and wrote a special report for BookBlast. The entrepreneurial founder and MD of Istros Books in London, she publishes translated […]

leila sackur dispatches from intern desk bookblast diary
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Spotlight Leila Sackur Dispatches from the Intern’s Desk

Leila Sackur graduated in History from the University of Cambridge where she was involved in the student press and politics. She is interested in everyday life, gentrification and urban space,  and is looking to start […]