close encounters of a european kind
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Close Encounters of a European Kind 3:AM Magazine BB Archive

An early article from the BookBlast Archive, Close Encounters of a European Kind by Georgia de Chamberet for 3:AM Magazine first published in February 2007. After generations of slaughter on its soil, Europe found peace and […]

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Sparring with Hemingway Robert Ruark 1954-55 BB Archive

An article about sparring with Hemingway and the stamina required to be a writer fell out of Gael Elton Mayo’s copy of Robert Ruark’s Something of Value while rearranging the overfilled bookshelves in the hallway […]

bookblast february 2018 top ten reads
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Top 10 Reads for Independent Minds VIII Book Blast Presents

Here are our latest top 10 reads from a selection of independent publishers every book lover should know.  A good read underpinned by an open mind can change your lifeview irrevocably: Palestine in Black and […]

fireflies sagasti bookblast diary review

Fireflies Luis Sagasti Review

Book Blast reviews Fireflies by Luis Sagasti, translated by Fionn Petch (Charco Press) “God, like fireflies, only shines in the darkness, wrote Schopenhauer.” – Fireflies (p. 71) Fireflies by Luis Sagasti is a brief, existential […]

carolina orloff charco press interview bookblast diary

Carolina Orloff Charco Press Interview

Book Blast interviews award-winning indie publisher Carolina Orloff at Charco Press Carolina Orloff, tell us a bit about yourself. Are (were) your parents great readers? My father owned and ran a large bookshop right in […]

fionn petch interview bookblast diary feb 2018
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Fionn Petch Translator Interview

Book Blast interviews award-winning translator Fionn Petch Fionn Petch, tell us a little bit about yourself. I grew up in Scotland but left age sixteen and never really made it back. I lived in Mexico […]

Gael Elton Mayo Letter from Brittany bookblast diary
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Gael Elton Mayo Letter from Brittany BB Archive

Gael Elton Mayo (1921-92) journalist, writer and artist, first wrote a column while living in Spain in the 1950s for The Spanish-American Courier. This piece came out in April 1954. In the northwest of Spain, […]