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BB Archive Gael Elton Mayo, Spain Around Us, 1954

Gael Elton Mayo (1921-92) journalist, writer and artist, first wrote a column while living in Spain in the 1950s for The Spanish-American Courier. This piece came out in April 1954. Madrid is a small town, […]

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Book Blasts Top 10 Reads for Independent Minds IV

Here is our latest Top 10 round up of eclectic reads to delight and inspire you, yours Georgia @bookblast Joyful satire Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic – words and pictures on how to stop worrying and […]

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Review The Madeleine Project, Clara Beaudoux

BookBlast reviews The Madeleine Project: Uncovering a Parisian Life by Clara Beaudoux, translated from the French by Alison Anderson. “I’d been drifting from one studio apartment to another for several years already. I didn’t feel […]

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Interview Michael Wise New Vessel Press New York

Michael Wise, tell us a bit about yourself. Are (were) your parents great readers?  I’ve enjoyed reading since I was a child — yes, my parents encouraged me to study and explore books. After studying […]

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Review Green Lion, Henrietta Rose-Innes

BookBlast reviews The Green Lion by South African author, Henrietta Rose-Innes. In the popular imagination, Africa is one great big game reserve where man can hunt to his heart’s content, relishing the thrill of the […]

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Interview Henrietta Rose-Innes, author

Henrietta Rose-Innes, tell us a bit about your childhood years. Where were you born, and where did you grow up? Born and bred in Cape Town, under Table Mountain. All of Africa to the north, […]

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Review As a God Might Be, Neil Griffiths

BookBlast reviews As a God Might Be, an ambitious novel by Neil Griffiths. “What was the grand plan? Build a clifftop church and then hurry away back to London when it was finished? Or was […]

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Interview Sam Mills, Dodo Ink Publishing

Sam Mills, tell us a bit about yourself; (were) your parents great readers?  I’m unusual in that I’m from a working class family – not many of us working in publishing, or getting published, for […]

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