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Review A History of the Authors Club of London 1891-2016, C. J. Schüler

BookBlast® review of Writers, Lovers, Soldiers, Spies: A History of the Authors’ Club of London 1891-2016. “The history of the Authors’ Club is studded with famous names: Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas Hardy, Rider Haggard, Ford […]


Review Leo Kanaris, Blood & Gold

Blood & Gold, and an earlier thriller by Leo Kanaris, Codename Xenophon, are perfect examples of how well-crafted detective fiction from another culture opens windows on to a brave new world, and shows that there […]

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BB Archive The Quartet Years, Georgia de Chamberet, 2007

The Quartet Years was first published in Fulfilment & Betrayal 1975-1995 by Naim Attallah (Quartet Books). Gael Elton Mayo & The Magnum Photographic Group My mother, Gael Elton Mayo, the novelist, painter and ‘Girl Friday’ […]

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BB Archive Far To Go and Many To Love: People and Places, Lesley Blanch

Far To Go and Many To Love: People and Places by Lesley Blanch is a selection of early journalism and travelling tales, edited by Georgia de Chamberet. The collection forms a captivating sequel to On […]

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Review Swallowing Mercury, Wioletta Greg

Swallowing Mercury brings us life according to Wiolka: a vivacious, adventurous little girl growing up on an impoverished farm in 1980s rural Poland. Her mother was summoned to start a work placement two weeks before […]

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Interview Linda Kelly, author

BookBlast® interviews Linda Kelly, biographer and historian. Where were you born and where did you grow up? I was born in Kent and brought up in the country, mostly in Hampshire. However I was also a wartime […]