Beauty Victims at Le Palace, 3:AM Magazine, 2005 bookblast
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Beauty Victims at Le Palace 3:AM Magazine BB Archive

An early article, Beauty Victims at Le Palace, by Georgia de Chamberet especially written for 3:AM Magazine first published in 2005. During a recent trip to Paris, I mentioned to various French publishers that in the UK, […]

bookblast talks french institute london What do book editors want?
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What do Book Editors Want? Spotlight

“What do book editors want?” was one of the headline discussion panels held six days ago at the French Institute in London as part of this year’s Britain and Creative Europe Programme. Britain is part […]

bookblast eric lane dedalus books
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Eric Lane Dedalus Books Interview

Book Blast interview with the founder of Dedalus Books, established in 1983. A truly unique publishing house, it is recognized for its quality and unorthodox taste in the esoteric, the erotic and the European. The […]

gerard garouste a restless man trs chamberet bookblast
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A Restless Man Gérard Garouste 3:AM Magazine BB Archive

Book Blast review of L’Intranquille, A Restless Man, the autobiography of Gérard Garouste with Judith Perrignon. He is one of the greatest living contemporary French painters and a proponent of uncompromising portrayals of the human […]