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Book Blasts Top 10 Reads for Independent Minds VI

December: a time of merry abandon, or seasonal reflection? Our round up of eclectic reads to delight and inspire you takes in both . . . Happy Christmas! Georgia @bookblast Black swans, white cygnets Behind […]

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Spotlight on Publishing

Spotlight Independent Publishing & The Inaugural Republic of Consciousness Prize longlist

With commissioning editors at mainstream publishers increasingly under the corporate cosh, any literary submissions calculated to sell less than 5000 copies are turned down regardless, which leaves the field open for independent publishers to come […]

megan dunn book cover bookblast review

Review Tinderbox, Megan Dunn

BookBlast Review of Tinderbox, a debut novel by Megan Dunn. “In the wake of Amazon’s Kindle it seemed unlikely that books would ever be banned: instead books are commodified, turned into movies and TV series, rated […]

sam jordison galley beggar press bookblast diary interview

Interview Sam Jordison, Galley Beggar Press

Sam Jordison, tell us a bit about yourself. Are (were) your parents great readers? Yes, my parents were very encouraging. Always recommending books and passing things on to me, reading to me as a child, […]

megan dunn bookblast diary interview
so the doves heidi james bookblast review

Review So the Doves, Heidi James

BookBlast reviews So The Doves, Heidi James’ latest novel. “Why was he so curious? Perhaps it was partly because of her mystique, her hold over him, and partly because her world was not his. Were […]

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jenny erpenbeck c j schuler review exclusive bookblast diary

C. J. Schüler reviews Go, Went, Gone, Jenny Erpenbeck

Freelance writer, journalist and cultural historian C. J. Schüler reviews Go, Went, Gone by Jenny Erpenbeck for BookBlast®. On 9 November, the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel published a list of 33,293 people who died trying to […]

translation as transhumance mireille gansel bookblast diary review
Non Fiction

Review Translation as Transhumance, Mireille Gansel

BookBlast Review of Translation as Transhumance by Mireille Gansel, translated from the French by Ros Schwartz (Les Fugitives). “In this beautiful memoir of a life lived in and through translation, Mireille Gansel defines the process […]

cecile menon les fugitives bookblast diary interview

Interview Cécile Menon, Les Fugitives

 Cécile Menon tells us a bit about yourself; are (were) your parents great readers? Tell us a bit about yourself. My mother was a reader. Of modern classics mainly. She used to go with her […]