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Anne Dolamore, Grub Street Publishing Interview

Anne Dolamore, co-publisher at Grub Street Publishing, started her career in the mid 1970s in the sales and marketing department at Faber & Faber, after reading English at Lancaster University. She moved to André Deutsch […]

bookblast review Vegetarianism A History
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Vegetarianism: A History, Colin Spencer Review

Colin Spencer is best known as a food writer although he is also an autobiographer, artist, TV and radio presenter. He believes that the history of evolution is reflected in the human diet: “What people […]

bookblast colin spencer review

Colin Spencer, author & artist Interview

Colin Spencer, tell us a little bit about yourself. I’ve been painting, drawing and writing since I was a child, which means that I’ve been doing it for over seventy years. Paints and brushes cost […]

michael schmidt carcanet press bookblast interview

Michael Schmidt, Carcanet Press Interview

Founded in 1969 by Michael Schmidt, Carcanet Press is the UK’s leading poetry publisher, producing a comprehensive and diverse list of contemporary and classic poetry in English and in translation. The poetry magazine PN Review […]

bookblast review skies alison brackenbury

Skies, Alison Brackenbury Review

“Alison Brackenbury loves, lives, hymns and rhymes the natural world and its people like no other poet.” Gillian Clarke, National Poet of Wales Brackenbury’s latest (ninth) collection, Skies, reflects on childhood memory, Christmas in the […]

bookblast interview poet alison brackenbury

Alison Brackenbury, poet Interview

Alison Brackenbury’s poetry collections, out with Carcanet, include Dreams of Power (1981), Breaking Ground (1984), Christmas Roses (1988), Selected Poems (1991), 1829 (1995), After Beethoven (2000) and Bricks and Ballads (2004). Her poems have been […]

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lolita by nabokov bookblast explorations

Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov Explorations

“Lolita was rejected by four American publishers in 1954; published in Paris by The Olympia Press, September 1955; banned by the French government, December 1956; found “not objectionable” by U. S. Customs, February 1957; back […]

clare christian reddoor publishing bookblast interview

Clare Christian, RedDoor Publishing Interview

Clare Christian, founder of RedDoor Publishing, has worked for a number of large publishers including Hodder, Orion, John Wiley and Pearson. In 2005 she co-founded The Friday Project where she published In Search of Adam […]

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