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BookBlast® is a creative company sitting at the intersection of book publishing, authorship and technology, offering a range of publishing services to authors, translators and the book trade.

Online journal, The BookBlast® Diary, has showcased independent trade publishing, new writing and translation with a focus on France since 2016. The first BookBlast® 10x10 Tour, in association with Waterstones, around the regions of England, was held in 2018. Learn more

The imprint, BookBlast® ePublishing, produces ebook and and on demand book reprints of fiction and non fiction by trailblazing women of the late twentieth century.

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The 2020 BookBlast® Podcast series, from 30 July @ 5 p.m.

Following up on the success of the 10x10 Tour, we have developed a ground-breaking weekly podcast series: Bridging the Divide: Translation and the Art of Empathy.

Hosted by editor, Georgia de Chamberet, and journalist, Lucy Popescu, we introduce to readers a selection of new writing in translation by diverse authors … champion independent publishers, their authors and translators … and interview the publisher behind Nordic Noir.

The series flies in the face of the view that literary translation is just for the highbrow.

Each episode features authors, translators, and publishers discussing the importance of translation, and their work. The themed conversations also show how world writing promotes empathy, connecting us to each other at a time of unprecedented crisis.

Stay tuned! Click HERE to learn more

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Publishing Services



  • We can identify and eliminate repetition, inaccuracies and improve word choice;
  • Ensure that sentences are concise and that the draft is free of grammatical and typographical errors;
  • Copy edit your translation for accurate English usage;
  • Evaluate and/or translate French-language texts, and supply a reader's report as required.



  • We can guide you in developing your plot and pacing (for fiction);
  • Advise with regards to character development (for fiction, biographies, and autobiographies);
  • Assess the core concept to improve appeal (for non-fiction);
  • Ghostwrite or mentor publishing projects, and troubleshoot “stuck” manuscripts.

We are familiar with publishing standards and conventions, and know how to translate ideas into engaging content. Learn More

Online Journal — The BookBlast® Diary


Indulgent reads for independent minds

Launched in 2015, The BookBlast® Diary features good book reviews; interviews with leading writers, translators, creatives and independent publishers; podcasts; journalism form the archive; and Spotlight specials showcasing world literature. Our celebration of independent publishing was launched in February 2016. Indie trade publishers bring variety and value to our cultural landscape.


MacLehose Press — "Brilliant work. And what work. Huge salutes."
Maggie Gee, novelist & Professor of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University — "A true lover of writing and writers.”
Starhaven Press — "Enterprising. Dedicated. Tireless."
Claire Armitstead, The Guardian — "Excellent work."

At BookBlast® we are unashamedly Francophone, bringing you Gallic flair and literary #FCUK

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A selection of titles by 1950s bohemian beauties Gael Elton Mayo & Lesley Blanch are available from BookBlast® ePublishing.

Far To Go and Many To Love: People and Places (Quartet Books) is the companion volume to Lesley Blanch's posthumous memoirs, On the Wilder Shores of Love: A Bohemian Life (Virago).

The French edition, translated by Lucien d'Azay is published by La Table Ronde, Paris, under the title Croquis d'une vie de bohème. Figaro Littéraire — "Fine, perceptive writing."

The Mad Mosaic by Gael Elton Mayo is her first-hand account of World War Two and the fight for freedom against authoritarian populism. It is ominously relevant to Western democracies today. Browse & Buy

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Gael Elton Mayo, The Magnum Photographic Group (Apollo Magazine, 1989)